The company was founded in the late ‘90s, under the name “V For Blue Exclusive Motor Yacht Charter Co.” and started organizing international tours for large Turkish companies. Ten years later, it had engaged in tourism activity in 98 countries, hosted 80,000 people abroad, responded to the touristic needs of 80 large corporations domestically, and gained prominence in its own field with its meticulous standards as one of Turkey’s fastest growing organizations with an average annual growth of 27 percent.

For more than 20 years, the company has gravitated toward the manufacturing of super yachts with its rich experience acquired from the yacht charter field and started to continue its life under the brand name Blundus Yachts, entering a process of reconfiguration. The manufacturing locations for Blaundus Yachts, whose headquarters is located in Istanbul, are in Istanbul’s Tuzla district, one of Turkey’s largest ship construction and maintenance locations.

A second division of yacht operations, VIP Corporate Yachting – Expedition Charters, is in Muğla’s Göcek district.